A new beginning

Hi everyone, I have been not writing for some time, so I thought of getting back on it. And what better way to do it than start with a blog. I will be posting stuff about my interests and all and hope you will join me in this wonderful journey.

Tutorial - Implement Android View Pager with Dot Indicator

Android does not have a “Dot Page Indicator” similar to most launchers or some apps where when you swipe between multiple pages, it indicates you on which page you are currently on, out of the available pages.

For this reason I created a simple tutorial to create something similar to the above needs but using radio buttons. There are so many custom components which are out there, which you can use for this purpose, but if you are someone who like to create a similar looking control by only using native components, then this tutorial is for you.

Install Jekyll 3.x or higher on Windows

Jekyll is by default designed to run on Linux and Unix systems. It supports these OS out of the box. Many devs think that it is complicated and hard to manage on native Windows. Therefore they turn to VM environments where they run Jekyll on VMs.

This is not only clumsy but annoying at the same time. Plus even though the Jekyll team does not state it, Jekyll works perfectly on Windows. Here are the steps to install it and get it running in a snap.

Welcome to JoelDroid

Hi everyone, I’m happy to post my first blog post after so many years. I’m a Software engineer and a code enthusiast. I love everything geeky. This will be the first of many posts.

After so much thought and delibration I finally decided to use Jekyll as my blogging platform. Not only it is easy and flexible, it costs almost zero to host compared to other platforms which need database and server side scripting. Also customizing Jekyll is a joy.

I believe Static sites are the future, for geeky bloggers who can find their way around code. I will be adding a lot of tech and code related articles in the future.

See you soon!